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Poetry for Connection

Poetry connects people. It connects people over time and over distance and is especially valuable in the most difficult of circumstances.


Poetry has an almost magical power to elicit a deeply personal and the buried, never revealed, vital issues which undermine a person’s well-being and state of mind. Poetry has a remarkable impact on the brain – because it connect emotions, sense with logic and memory; and is underpinned by rhythm and rhyme – the process of writing poetry builds new neural connections which connect more parts of the mind together, are stronger and more last much, much longer. When poetry is written in a group setting, this enables people to connect (or reconnect) in a hugely profound way which is incredibly beneficial for their mental health and their powers of cognition and memory.


People are disconnected. Your staff are disconnected. Their mental health may well be suffering; essential part of their brains are shrinking from the isolation and the trauma of working from home without respite, without feeling they have time to relax; without the travelling time they used to prepare for their workday and without the opportunity to spend those relaxed moments with their colleagues, catching up on their latest news and what they watched on television last night. This decline in mental health is being magnified for HR staff who have never had to deal with such profound issues in such a number and under such difficult circumstances.


The mental health impact will soon become very evident and the impact on productivity to soon follow. Using poetry can reverse these decline – bring your staff back together in a meaningful way and provide a self-care mechanism to maintain that improvement and sustain their mental health as these conditions continue.

John Stoddart (Co-founder)
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