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For Business

Forge Resilience

Boost Morale

Refine Strategy

Improve communication 

Foster interpersonal understanding

Deeper, better connections

More effective teams

Maintain ethical standards

All Teaching Artists are PVG/DBS listed and fully insured. Due to the global pandemic, our courses are available online.

Resilience – The Power of Connection


Specially designed for staff working under lockdown, whether remotely or transferring to a hybrid system. Boost wellbeing, strengthen bonds, forge resilience, foster attachment and improve performance.


4/5 weeks, 75min sessions

Strategic Alignment


Enable project leaders to develop more in-depth understanding of each other. Bring teams together before or during projects. Create and execute strategy more effectively. Improve communication and collaboration.


3/4 weeks, 90m sessions

Classical, Ethical Leadership


Poetry continues to be used by military academies as an essential officer development tool. Just as the insights and nuances gained through its study help officers to analyse situations with clarity amid chaos, Wordlab Arts programmes enable you to develop better tools to navigate uncertainty, decipher meaning in chaotic situations, inform and empower ethical leadership.


4/5 weeks, 105m sessions

Pink Clouds

Transform: Creation to Performance.


In-depth, in-person creative and performative programme for executive teams and project leadership. Profound development of capability, confidence, wellbeing, camaraderie and communication. Participants will embark on a profound experience leading to a performance of poetry, ideally with an audience. Tailored to your needs and schedule.

Poetry Consultancy


Would you like to explore reading poetry as an aid to decision-making? Or do you need help to set up a Poetry Club after a programme has ended, or would you consider a Poet-in-Residence. We provide a bespoke, expert service which best encompasses the needs of your employees; and builds sustainable structures within your organisation which will significantly contribute to morale, attachment and wellbeing.


Wordlab Arts works through the process of the creation and embodiment of a poem.

This involves the writing, refining and reciting of your poem, made into a fun, simple process by the straightforward but significant series of exercises which are set by our expert Teaching Artists.

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