Courses take place over several sessions, currently online; and use the exploration of creativity, poetry and writing in an expertly mentored environment to build connection, wellbeing and resilience. More advanced in-person courses (Transform) will be available once in-person training is possible,

Power of Connection

Short group sessions over three or four weeks with renowned Teaching Artists, working through creative, physical and written exercises; exploring wellbeing and self-expression which build towards the writing of a poem which will elicit emotions and help address some of the issues they have been facing over the last year.

The course will boost wellbeing, strengthen connections and help to counter feelings of isolation for those working remotely. The course will help them create a tool through which they can deal with some of the difficulties they have faced over the past year; and with which they can channel future difficult experiences. Fun, engaging, and incredibly effective.


(Unavailable until normal working resumes)

A profound journey over 4 or 5 weeks, mentoring your staff through the process of writing poetry, refining it, memorising, and ultimately performing it, ideally in front of an audience. Taking place either in your workplace, or a suitable location nearby, with 5 x 2 hour sessions over several weeks, in order to allow development to expand and embed.

 Memorising poetry is very powerful; and has been shown to positively change brain structure. We believe that our process is far more powerful and can make substantially more profound and beneficial neurological changes across your workforce; helping them become more productive, improve their wellbeing and be better connected to their colleagues.


Let's Work Together

We would love to help you deal with  the issues affecting your staff, particularly during this past year. Contact us, tell us your requirements, and we will create a custom-designed course that will help your staff deal with the issues they have struggled with recently, and either continue to work from home, or return to the office.