Poetry for Wellbeing

Are you looking for a new perspective, a new angle, a new view of the world and your place in it? Poetry can help disentangle these emotional knots & get to the nub of the matter. It can help you in finding community and connection through your experience and emotions 


Writing poetry can ease struggles and the impact of trauma. This is why, during the First Would War, poets emerged, and not novelists. The terrible nature of the circumstances the soldiers found themselves in, something none of them would have been able to imagine; was only successfully relatable through the medium of poetry. We think there are some resemblances between that time and what we are living through just now. And we’re know poetry can help you in the same way it helped them.


If you are feeling nervous about all the Covid/ pandemic changes. Poetry can help you negotiate that change and channel negative thoughts and feeling into courage as Maya Angelou said “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”.

Anita Govan

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