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One to One

Be mentored in one-to-one master classes by one of our poets from the WordLab Arts Teaching Artists roster. Ask the questions you always wanted to ask. Develop your writing with prompts and exercises. Explore different techniques while developing your own authentic voice and gaining confidence in your writing with insightful feedback. £300 for series of 3 tutorials.

Group Classes

It is often beneficial to write with others and be inspired by different perspectives and writing experiences. Here you will be taken on a journey with a group of peers learning different ways to approach writing and poetry and apply them to working in the community. Explore with Anita Govan, (with 25 years experience of working with communities) how to generate better ideas and subjects with writing prompts and exercises while working in a group.This masterclass will take up to 5 people with a chance to read your work to others, gain insightful feedback and refine your work with groups.

£900 for series of 3 tutorials

Performance masterclass

With 20 years of performance experience, Anita can help you hone your performance skills, whatever stage you are at. Whether a novice stepping on to a stage for the first time, or an experience performer needing to polish skills, Anita’s ability to understand underlying issues affecting performance is second to none. £150 for 1hr tutorial.

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