Poetry is the most powerful development tool available to humankind.


Maximise Performance

WordLab Arts offer a series of courses, currently delivered over Zoom, which boost wellbeing, improve performance and nurture resilience to help your staff meet the challenges of these extraordinary times.

The human brain is possibly the most extraordinary structure that humanity has yet encountered, probably rivalled only in complexity by the universe itself. But for all the advances that have been made and understanding the brain structure; very few recent developments have taken place in understanding how to train our minds to work more efficiently and to work better. The single most effective way to improve the capabilities of our minds remains what human civilisation discovered centuries ago: poetry.


Ancient cultures realised eons ago that memorising poetry benefited the capabilities of the mind so massively, that vast, epic tales could be memorised and passed on to other generations and to geographically disparate populations in a reliable and sustainable mechanism.


It is not just the impact on memory and cognition that is so profound. The act of creating and writing poetry in itself, elicits hidden emotions and fears and brings them to the forefront of our consciousness; allowing them to be dealt with acknowledged and validated; bringing huge benefits to well-being, particularly in a time of crisis such as we are living in just now.


It may be that one might ask, “how can something so simple have such a profound impact on such a complex structure”; but at WordLab Arts we would compare it to the deep and lasting effect that seemingly simple exercises such as yoga and Qi Gong can I have on physical health as well as mental health. In fact, we would say the poetry is yoga for the mind.

  • Improved Performance.

  • Heightened empathy.

  • Better Wellbeing

  • Stronger Teams

  • With visionary Teaching Artists.

  • In your workplace or nearby venue.

  • Help your staff through lockdown and return to work.

  • Lessen Anxieties.

  • Combat Isolation

  • Counter Loneliness

  • With visionary Teaching Artists.

  • Watch from home or office.

  • Work with renowned Teaching Artists

  • Suitable for all Levels

  • Work Individually or in Groups

  • Improve Poetry Skills.

  • Improve Performance Skills.


Smarter, More Confident, Happier, More Productive.



Enhance Wellbeing

Founder, Anita Govan, is a bastion of the Edinburgh Literary scene. Former Makar of Stirling, Anita was one of the team that introduced performance poetry to Scotland 25 years ago. She has been a leading Teaching Artist for over 20 years, working for clients as diverse as Scottish Prison Service, Aberdeen Council and the world-renowned Wellcome Trust.

  • Improved Performance

  • Enhanced Communication

  • Increased Empathy

  • Better Teamwork & Collaboration.

Team Development & Wellbeing

In these unique and difficult times, WordLab Arts is delighted to announce our Lockdown Team Development & Wellbeing videos. This is a series of poetry video tutorials designed to enable your staff cope with the stresses of today's circumstances and connect your employees, particularly when reestablishing team bonds, helping them deal with anxieties and friction while building solidarity across teams. The process will bring to light fears and frustrations, helping staff deal with issues relating to the return to the office and assist in bringing them back together as a functioning unit.

Details on our Team Development page.)

Modern neuroscience shows that like music, poetry creates stronger, more interconnected neural structures which create stronger, more interconnected memories. Because of poetry’s innate interaction with language and cognition centres of the brain; memorising poetry is immensely beneficial. But the mentored process which our participants undertake is even more powerful and profound in its impacts: creating stronger, more interconnected cognitive processes which improve decision-making and information assimilation, build creativity, and substantially improve essential qualities such as resilience, empathy and adaptability; contributing significantly to improvements in team-bonding and wellbeing.

Enable your staff to perform to their potential.

Help your staff be happier in their work.

Help your staff communicate better.

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"To use a computing analogy; other learning and development companies install new software and attach add-ons. We upgrade the computer."
John Stoddart, co-founder WordLabArts
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