A profound journey over 4 or 5 weeks, mentoring your staff through the process of writing poetry, refining it, memorising, and ultimately performing it, ideally in front of an audience. Taking place either in your workplace, or a suitable location nearby, with 5 x 2 hour sessions over several weeks, in order to allow development to expand and embed.

 Memorising poetry is very powerful indeed; and has been shown to positively change brain structure. We believe that our process is far more powerful and can make substantially more profound and beneficial neurological changes across your workforce; helping them become more productive, improve their wellbeing and be better connected to their colleagues.

Course Structure

Learning to say Yes 

Breaking down barriers in the mind through word games, physical exercises and improvisational techniques to allow the unconscious to come forward, enabling the unblocking of creativity and facilitating improved cognitive ability.

Writing & Creating

Using insights gained in the first session to create individual poems, under the expert mentoring of our teaching artists. Learn how to get started, find and explore your creative process using prompts and writing technics to access hidden talents and unknown emotions, to develop something profound and meaningful.

Editing into Performance

Find out the role of the internal editor. Refining and editing poems for performance. Learn how to deal with nerves and controlling the voice for public speaking. Including tips on performing in front of an audience and memorising from our renowned teaching artists, all who have years of performance and mentoring experience.

Practice and Outcome

Preparations for a public performance. Learn how to use a mic and walk on stage with confidence This performance challenge builds on confidence and amplifies the development made over the programme, with gentle reassurance of highly experienced performers. This poetry slam will be in front of invited judges.


Learn to receive and give honest feedback in a structured process. Reflection is an important part of creation and improvement, and often omitted. In this debrief and reflection on the process, analyse what was successful and where there is room for improvement This is a vital step in substantiating the cognitive benefits which the course provides.

Anita’s empathy and care for the group, plus her steadfast belief in their ability to express themselves imaginatively transformed their confidence...

.... imaginative and consistently supportive approach motivated the young adults and enable them to take creative risks way beyond their comfort zone and their own expectations of themselves.

Elizabeth Lynch, Wellcome Trust

Experience the benefits that can be achieved, even in an hour and a half, of a small session with a distinct purpose and intention.

Collaboration, communication and adaptability are typical options, and can give a flavour of what a poetry module can offer your workforce, and the environment in which it operates.


One of our poets will frequent your office, run a workshop or two, create a poem of their own, with an option for a found poem. Take the temperature of your employees. Find out what’s going well, and what isn’t. A poet in residence can contribute to the wellbeing of a workforce and reveal things that otherwise might lay hidden and stagnate. Optional public performance of the poems.

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